The Tristar Viper G2 is one of the best hunting tools you can find in its class. From doves to upland game, it does it all. 

These great shotguns are made in Turkey, and imported here by the Tristar Company. The Viper G2 functions well in the field and you can count on it to work flawlessly, whenever you take your shot. 

This is a gas-operated weapon. One that has been designed from the ground up for regular field use. It performs well in all weather conditions and can handle the abuse that most hunting weapons have to withstand on the hunting grounds. Here are a few reasons that make it the best option for the upcoming season:

  1. Optimum Versatility, Control, and Reliability

The G2 features a checkered grip to eliminate the chances of the weapon slipping from your hand, even in cold, wet, and icy weather conditions. You can always count on it to work flawlessly with both high and low brass loads. At the same time, it balances perfectly well in your hand when you mount and swing it toward your targets.  

It is equipped with a chrome-lined barrel along with a 3″ magnum chamber. This means it can easily handle full power 3″ shells as well as the more common 2-3/4″ ones. The weapon’s versatility is enhanced by its three Benelli-style choke tubes that are included in the package. They include Full, Modified, and Improved Cylinder chokes. The bore is also chrome lined, so you don’t have to clean your gun the minute you are done with the day’s shooting activities. 

  1. Comfortable Camo Stock 

The synthetic stock includes a soft rubber 7/8-inch thick ventilated recoil pad that makes shooting even 3-inch loads a breeze. The stock itself has been finished in a Realtree Advantage Timber camo that will allow you to blend into your surroundings so even the most sharp-eyed birds won’t be able to spot you.  

  1. Excellent Trigger Pull

The Tristar Viper G2’s trigger is factory set at 7.6 pounds to ensure there is no chance of any accidental discharge, either on or off the range. The trigger unit can easily be removed for cleaning, even in the field. 

If you are in the market for an all-new light and reliable bird-hunting shotgun, you need to look no further than the Tristar Viper G2.