There is a bewildering variety of invisible game cameras around, and choosing the right one is not always an easy task. You don’t want to sacrifice battery life for image quality, or price over modularity. Thanks to the BOG Clandestine 18 MP camera, you can have it all. 

This trail camera has been specifically designed to anticipate and meet just about every user’s requirements. It can remain undetected while simultaneously offering exceptional imagery. Let’s take a quick look at some of its top features to understand why it is far ahead of any other trail camera in its class. 

  1. Resolution and Speed 

Its 18MP resolution is evenly matched by its trigger speed – that clocks in at a lightning-fast .22 seconds. This camera features 1600×900 high definition (HD) imagery and comes with a 0.6-second recovery time, as standard. It also offers an invisible flash range of around 100 feet with an 80 feet detection capability.

  1. Very Easy to Use 

 You don’t really need a laptop, tablet, PC, or other reading devices to operate this camera. While it does come with USB compatibility that helps you port the images, you can also easily access these images out of the box, thanks to its built-in viewer.  

No need to use a PC, laptop, or any other reading device – even though the unit comes with a micro USB cord in case you want to port images to your computer. Take the core viewer out of its box to immediately access all your images. It is also possible to change its settings via its convenient 3-inch TFT viewing screen, so you won’t have to change your desired settings by loading the camera onto any other reading device.

  1. Near Absolute Reliability 

No need to worry about running out of charge. This nifty little camera packs six AA Lithium batteries which power this device. They can last up to 23,000 images. The battery pack’s life in the field is around 12 months plus. 

  1. It Brings a Whole New World of Convenience

If you want seamless SD card compatibility, this is just the camera you need. You can install any card up to 512 GB on the BOG. It also offers hybrid and multi-shot feature capabilities. Its features list doesn’t end there since it can record and report time and date, temperature, and barometric pressure. It can also record the moon’s different phases too. 

  1. Versatile Mounting Options

This highly versatile camera offers both vertical as well as horizontal threads. This way, you can mount it any way you like.      

It also offers night image quality that’s ideal for even a low-glow camera, while it’s daytime images make for sharp and crisp viewing. 

Its icon-based operating system is highly intuitive and user-friendly, so you can set it up whenever and wherever you want. 

All in all, the BOG Trail Camera offers the best features at a great price to make it the best value for money trail camera around.