A single-shot break barrel shotgun is the ultimate bird-hunting platform. Dedicated hunters love its simplicity, reliability, and rugged design. Here, the Stevens 301 is one of the perfect examples of this type of hunting weapon.

This is a dedicated gobbler gun and can easily handle HEAVYWEIGHT® TSS turkey loads. It offers tight patterns with minimal recoil for maximum impact. This is a light and fast-handling weapon and comes with a 26-inch barrel that’s ideal for turkey and other large game birds.

The Stevens 301: A Great Way to Start Your Next Hunting Trip!

The recoil is very low because of the small .410 gauge. However, the thick rubber butt pad renders it almost nonexistent.

New hunters would fall in love with its lightning fast handling capabilities, as would more experienced enthusiasts. The shotgun also features a removable one-piece rail so you can mount your favorite scope, red dot, or any other accessory. This rail is solid enough to ensure that your optic always retains its zero, even during a rugged hunt where the weapon might be dropped multiple times.

Its 6-pound weight makes it light enough to be carried over long distances without slowing you down. It’s a great way to introduce even young hunters to this exciting sport. Its lightweight, low recoil, and superior handling characteristics all combine to create the ultimate introduction package to a lifetime of hunting pleasure.

Its 41.5 inches total length is perfect for fast snap-shots. At the same time, it is not so long that you would have to worry about snagging issues in the blind or undergrowth. 

The Stevens 301 has been suitably well equipped with an incredibly tough synthetic stock. You can rest assured that it won’t warp even in very cold or wet conditions, nor is it easy to crack or scratch. Its Mossy Oak Camo pattern has been designed to help you melt into the background, and erase the suspicions of even very sharp-eyed gobblers. 

You can pick the highly-visible brass bead easily, even in very low light conditions. This bead is also compatible with many different fiber optic sight systems.

The Savage Arms Company has been making high-quality break barrel shotguns for over a century. They definitely have a clear winner in the form of the Stevens 301 .410 gauge hunting shotgun.