The Mossberg 835 pump action is arguably the world’s first 12 gauge pump-action waterfowl hunting shotgun with a 3.5-inch chamber. It has been specifically created for hunters who want the raw power of the 3.5-inch magnum shotshell and the legendary reliability of the pump action in the same weapon.

Unlike a double barrel shotgun’s 2-round capacity, the Mossberg 835 enables you to carry 5+1 shots, so you can continue to hunt without pausing to reload.

The good people at Mossberg have thoughtfully equipped the shotgun’s front grip with a leather strap to create a firm hold even in wet conditions. The pump action is fast and silky smooth to ensure swift follow-up shots. You can work the weapon easily by pumping the action to chamber a fresh round.

The Mossberg 835: Setting New Standards for All Hunting Shotguns!

This shotgun also features a tactical 6-position stock and pistol grip combo. This stock can be extended or collapsed according to the requirements of the individual users. The camo pattern hides the weapon from even sharp-eyed gobblers.

The barrel has been overbored to ensure less pellet deformation and tighter, more uniform patterns. In fact, this massive barrel enables the 835 to closely match the ballistic capabilities of the 10 gauge shotgun.

The 835 is made to very exacting standards by the world-renowned Mossberg company. They have used the very best materials to create a highly accurate, durable, and reliable firearm. 

It also features a unique anti-jam elevator and twin action slide bars, so you carry your 835 in the field with total confidence. Mossberg has also equipped the 835 with dual extractors for optimum steel-to-steel lock-up. 

This is a very easy shotgun to operate, even for novice users. It features Mossberg’s popular tang safety that can be flicked on or off by the thumb. There is no need to change your trigger finger’s position when you switch off the safety catch before taking that shot of a lifetime. 

The 835’s rock-solid action has been mated to a 20-inch barrel for better patterns at long distances. The adjustable rear and front optical sights provide a clear sight picture even in early dawn and dusk low-light conditions. You can also install ACCU-Mag pattern chokes on your 865 to take on wild hogs.

The Mossberg 835 is the culmination of Mossberg’s many decades of experience in making great pump-action shotguns. Take it on your next hunt and see the difference for yourself!