The Mossberg 930 is one of the most dependable autoloaders in its class. This beautiful and well-balanced weapon makes hunting an absolute pleasure. The Pro-Series Mossberg 930 has been purpose-built for hunting waterfowl and performs flawlessly in the field. 

Why Choose the Mossberg 930 for Your Next Hunting Trip?

Its 3-inch chamber enables you to shoot full power magnum loads along with standard 2.75-inch fare. Unlike the brass bead sights of many competing shotguns, the Mossberg 930 sports a highly visible fiber optic front sight so you can bag even swift-flying birds from a long way off. 

The weapon’s ‘Mossy Oak Shadow Grass’ style camo pattern allows the hunter to merge into the background. In fact, even sharp-eyed mallards won’t be able to detect this weapon in the bush. 

Mossberg’s 930 Pro Series Waterfowl is precision engineered for near-absolute cycling reliability, even when using different shot loads. The shotgun utilizes the tried and tested gas system for reliable feeding and rapid chambering for fast follow-up shots. 

Many of its internal parts have been treated with boron nitride. This finish enhances corrosion resistance and provides better lubrication for the smooth operation of the weapon. The tough camo finish and the boron nitride internal coating combined serve to make a really hardy weapon. In fact, you can use this gun in the toughest hunting environments. The shotgun is virtually impervious to saltwater, snow, rain, and bitterly cold temperatures. 

The heavy barrel makes for tight groups, even at long distances. At the same time, the weapon is so light, you can mount and swing it to take fast-moving and wary game birds. Hunters of all ages can carry and shoot it comfortably since its ribbed recoil pad can dampen the recoil of even full-house 3-inch magnum loads. 

Its loading gate is wide enough to allow your thumb to insert the shells in the magazine, even when wearing heavy gloves. 

As is common with Mossberg shotguns, the 930 Waterfowl also features an intuitive thumb safety, so you won’t have to move your trigger finger when engaging or disengaging it. This system suits left- and right-handed shooters alike. 

The Mossberg 930 Waterfowl auto-loader is arguably one of the best 4+1 water-fowling shotguns available today. Add to that Mossberg’s legendary reliability, and you can see why you definitely need this weapon on your next hunting trip.