Ever since new management acquired the Savage firearms company, it has paid a lot of time, resources, and attention to innovative products. Their collaboration with PROOF Research® has helped them create a truly iconic line of hunting rifles. Basically, cutting-edge variants of the usual bolt-action hunting rifle platforms. 

  • The Savage 110 Ultralite: In a Class of Its Own!

The Savage 110 Ultralite is available in the ever-popular .270 hunting caliber. Its stainless steel barrel has been carbon wrapped for protection against the elements, even in rugged field conditions. This is a top-of-the-line barrel created by PROOF Research. It includes 5GR cut rifling and a 5/6×24 muzzle rounded off with a cap to protect its delicate crown. 

  • Accurate Barrel 

Indeed, this barrel is so accurate the weapon can serve every bit as well at the range as in the field. Knowledgeable shooting sports enthusiasts prize PROOF Research’s carbon-fiber barrels because of their exceptional accuracy and light weight.  

A key feature of the PROOF Research barrel is its ability to dissipate heat very effectively and quickly. This means you can take multiple follow-up shots without fear of barrel temperature and harmonics throwing off your shot.  

  • Exceptionally Lightweight Rifle 

The people who designed the Ultralite took its name very seriously. This is an exceptionally light rifle that clocks in at less than 6 pounds. You can sling the rifle on your shoulder and simply forget it’s there! This is a desirable feature for a hunting rifle that has to be carried for long miles in harsh terrain. 

The Ultralite 110 is a reliable hunting platform that can work at high elevations and very low temperatures. You don’t have to worry about the elements when you take this weapon with you on your next hunting and field trip. 

This purpose-built rifle has been built from the ground up to ensure success on the toughest mountain hunts. Speaking of toughness, its steel receiver has been further strengthened with an extremely strong yet attractive Melonite finish.   

  • Adjustable Stock 

The 110’s stock features Savage’s very own AccuFit™ technology. Designed to create that perfect cheek-to-stock meld, its adjustable pull length ensures a high degree of versatility for different shooting preferences and styles. 

  • Savage Premium AccuTrigger™ 

The rifle comes with an adjustable AccuTrigger™ as standard. You can adjust it from 4 lbs. all the way to a feather-light 1.5 lb. pull. There is no discernable creep nor the over-travel issues associated with many competing rifles in its price range. 

  • 4-shot Capacity 

The 4-round detachable box mag enables the operator to back up the first shot with multiple follow-ups in case of a miss. The easy-feeding floating bolt head operates on the time-tested push feed principle and offers a rock-solid bolt lock up—shot after shot. 

Savage has been in the business of making top-quality firearms for well over a century. The Savage 110 Ultralite with its PROOF Research barrel is the ideal hunting rifle. Take it with you on your next hunt—and see the difference yourself!