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Turkey hunts have never been easier thanks to the HS Strut gobbler decoy combo. This Jake and hen decoy combination is capable of fooling even the wisest of toms in the turkey world. If used correctly, you can rely on those decoys to give you a great chance of heading back home with a full game bag. In fact, this Strut-Lite Hen and Jake Turkey Decoy combination will help you rule the woods throughout the hunting season.

HS Strut Turkey Decoy Combo

These highly durable decoys have been designed expressly to handle the rigors of the field. Their hollow bodies are extremely realistic, yet light enough to be carried over long distances during even the toughest hunts.

Their foldable bodies can be easily and safely stowed away in your gear, and you won’t even know they are there until you need to use them. You can carry them to all your favorite gobbler-hunting spots and once done, you can simply fold and repack them for future use.

They have been treated with flake-resistant paint so they look and feel extremely realistic. You can rest assured that the Jakes won’t be able to figure out the difference and would definitely want to come and take a closer look at these intriguing decoys.

It’s not just the size and looks of these decoys alone that will attract turkeys – but their very posture as well. The hen strikes a highly receptive upright pose. One that is all but sure to grab the attention of most of the toms in the area.

At the same time, the Jake’s semi-aggressive posture has been created for the purpose of infuriating dominant toms. They will come running (or flying in this case) to retain control over their territory. You can use these decoys in a standalone capacity or even together if you want fully-grown males to try and disrupt this ostensibly ‘happy couple.’

Both of these decoys come suitably well-equipped with two-piece ground stakes that will keep them anchored firmly right where you want them, when you want them.

Key Product Features

  • These decoys are very easy to carry due to their light weight
  • Built tough and made to last even in the harshest hunting environments and conditions
  • Extremely lifelike and realistic Jake and hen turkey decoy combo
  • Hen decoy – Upright and receptive breeding position
  • Foldable and hollow-bodied – they can be packed and stored with the rest of your gear very easily
  • Flake-resistant paint that won’t chip or fade so that the decoys retain their true-to-life look
  • Jake decoy – semi-aggressive and arrogant posture
  • You can set up these decoys either individually or together to create a breeding pose
  • They come with sturdy two piece ground stakes to ensure they aren’t blown away in a stiff wind

Using these high-quality turkey decoys is an awesome way to attract those gobblers. These hyper-realistic decoys will definitely better your chances to come back with a full bag at your next hunt.

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