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A unique service that we offer is to assist you in customizing a unique and personalized hunting rifle package.  This service includes obtaining the rifle of your choice and then outfitting it with the bases, rings, optics, sling and case of your choice.  Once we obtain the rifle of your choice, we will professionally install the base, rings and scope that you choose.  We will then professionally bore-sight your new rifle so that it is ready to take to the range as soon as you pick up your rifle at your local sporting goods store and complete the required background check. Below is an example of a customized hunting rifle package we assembled for a recent deer hunter.  This package included a Bergara Ridge rifle in .308 Winchester and included Talley Manufacturing scope bases and an illuminated Vortex 3-9X40 scope.  We finished off this package with a Quake Claw rifle sling and a handsome Bulldog camo rifle case.



If your hunting needs include an AR-style rifle we can help you customize that as well.  You can choose the lower, barrel, stock, trigger, etc. of your choice and we will professionally assemble your new customized rifle, install the optic of your choice, and then bore-sight your new rifle for you.  Below is an example of a rifle that we assembled for a customer who needed an AR-style rifle for nighttime hog hunting.  This rifle came in .308 Winchester and included a match barrel and trigger as well as a popular thermal scope for nighttime hog hunting in Texas.  We also installed a piston in the stock which significantly helps to reduce felt recoil.  Finally, we also included a nice Kryptec case and a 10-round as well as 5-round magazine.


We can also help you obtain any other gear you may need in order complete your personalized hunting package.  Just tell us what your hunting needs are, along with your budget, and we will work with you to assemble a hunting package that is perfect for your needs.  This additional gear may include:

  • Binoculars * Rage Finders * Targets * Hearing & Eye Protection * Gun Safes * Trail Cameras * Feeders * Gun Rests * Hunting Ground Blinds * Hunting Blind Chairs * Hunting Backpacks * Cleaning Kits * Headlamps & Lights * Ammunition * Knives * Lures, Scents, and Calls

Unsure About Your Rifle Needs?

If you are unsure of what rifle, base, rings, scope etc. are best for your needs don’t worry – we are happy to help you select the perfect hunting rifle package that is just right for your needs.  Maybe you are buying a graduation gift or have been invited to an elk hunt out west, but would like some recommendations on rifle manufacturers, models, calibers, or optics.  We can assist you with your needs no matter your budget.

Hunting Rifle Package Currently for Sale

This is a custom rifle hunting package in which I hand-selected a very specific rifle, optic, rings, and sling to form a complete package – ready to hunt!  This package includes:
  • A Christensen Arms Ridgeline rifle which offers exceptional quality and value. This is a brand new rifle and has never been fired.  The caliber I selected is a 6.5 Creedmoor because of its incredible diversity in hunting everything from varmints such as coyotes, foxes, bobcats, or ground hogs, right on up to the largest of North American game animals such as whitetail deer, Mule deer, and even elk.  This rifle comes with a 24-inch carbon-fiber barrel and an included muzzlebreak.  The action on these rifles is incredibly smooth and their accuracy is unmatched.
  • I selected a Trijicon Huron scope. Trijicon is well-known for producing high-quality optics with unmatched clarity, field of view, and eye relief.  I selected a 3-9 X 40 model with a traditional duplex hunting reticle.  This is a brand new scope which I ordered specifically for this rifle based on my own hunting experience.
  • I selected Talley Manufacturing Alloy Scope Mounts. I have been using these one-piece mounts for years because of their light weight, reliability, and performance.  The rigid design has no joint between the scope and the rifle, thus eliminating the possibility of an “out of alignment” interface or “loose connection” between the ring and base of traditional two-piece designs.  This feature is especially important when hunting rugged territory.
  • I selected a Quake Claw rifle sling. These slings have become my favorite over the years because they simply do not slip, are weather-proof, and last for years.
  • I have also selected a premium Bulldog Pinnacle rifle case in a camo design with black leather trim to protect your investment when traveling to your hunting destination. If you need more protection when flying I can also include a Pelican hard case – the best protection on the market today – for an additional cost.
  • Finally, I have selected an Outers Universal Cleaning Kit. I selected this kit because it includes a hard-wood box and a rifle rest – making maintenance of your new rifle a snap.
  • This package is ready to hunt!
  • $2,399.00
  • Call us at 334-734-4951 or e-mail us at if you are interested in purchasing this custom hunting package

Contact us (334.734.4951 or to get started on your personalized hunting package today! 


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