Stevens 301 Turkey in .410 3″ Mossy Oak Bottomland



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The Stevens 301 Turkey Shotgun chambered in .410 is a serious gobbler gun. Its tight patterns and minimal recoil make it a great platform for your next turkey hunt.

This is a very light and fast-handling shotgun. One that will enable you to tag your turkeys literally on the fly.

The single-shot, break-action weapon is extremely simple and utterly reliable so you don’t need to fear a breakdown in the field. The recoil is almost nonexistent thanks to its small and light .410 gauge. This is one of the smallest calibers available in the shotgun world.

Both seasoned pros and even new hunters would love the excellent handling characteristic of this amazing lightweight shotgun, especially since its 26-inch barrel has been optimized for turkey loads. The shotgun also comes equipped with a removable one-piece rail as standard, which makes it very easy to mount the 301 with a red dot sight, scope, or any other optic you like.

It weighs in at less than 6 pounds, hence an easy gun to carry even on extended hunting trips. Young hunters would definitely appreciate its light weight and fast handling capabilities. The overall length is 41.5 inches with its 26-inch barrel. It is long enough to snap off fast shots, while being small enough to ensure it doesn’t snag on the undergrowth.

The tough synthetic stock won’t warp in the cold like a conventional wood stock or crack, even if dropped. Its Mossy Oak camo pattern would help you meld with the background as you wait to take your shot.

The brass bead can be picked up easily even in low light conditions. It will stand out in vivid contrast with your target as you squeeze the trigger. This bead sight is also fully compatible with various fiber optic sight systems.

Its swivel studs are fully compatible with all regular shotgun slings. The stock has been equipped with a rubber recoil pad that significantly lowers the already low felt recoil of the .410 gauge shotshell. Both the receiver and barrel feature a non-reflective, dark matte finish.

Key Features

  • Break-action single-shot .410 shotgun
  • Mossy Oak camouflage pattern
  • Removable one-piece rail to accommodate optional scope or red dot
  • 3-inch chamber
  • Synthetic stock and fore-end
  • 26-inch barrel optimized for turkey loads
  • Swivel studs on fore-end and stock that are compatible with different types of shotgun slings
  • Bead sight compatible with various fiberglass sight systems
  • Includes extra-full choke tube
  • Manual safety (hammer blocking system)
  • Tough and effective recoil pad

Savage Arms

The company has been around since 1894. They are justly renowned the world over for the accuracy and reliability of their shotguns. With well over a century of experience, you can depend upon Savage Arms to deliver a product loaded with cutting-edge innovations. Their Stevens line of high-performance shotguns will always give you Savage’s legendary dependability.

The lightweight and slim Stevens 301 Single-Shot Shotgun is another chip off the Savage block that handles quickly and carries well enough to make your next hunting trip a truly memorable one.

Additional information

Weight 6.8 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 7.4 × 2.7 in


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